Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Scrapbook Page

I know you're thinking "so what ?" and that would be a very good question.  First, I rarely make em, 2nd this took all effin day and its still not finished. 3rd when i finish its gonna be over the top .
here's a little teaser
The focal image is this here gate fold card. again you're thinking "no big deal". wrong its interactive . meaning that you can open the gate fold card even thru the scrapbook page plastic
protector . so when you see it and want to see into it , you can . just open the doors.
Now this is not the actual card itself , but a
smashing job of a mockup . I built this beauty myself. no instructions, no video,  Couldn't very well put the card in the scrapbook as its for my
husband , next post for more details

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