Friday, May 31, 2013

Honeys completed card



An Interactive Scrapbook Page

I guess I should have taken the pic with it on the table rather than in the easel. then you could see it completely closed. there is a page protector . you can probably tell by the reflection from the plastic .

And here is the page with the card mock up
completely open. I hope you enjoyed my interactive scrapbook page

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Background Designer Paper

now this is just free-handed . but basically its the words of a paper crafters tools with a few images thrown in . the top item is a pair of scissor s that don't have holes for your fingers. thus no pinched fingers. first  image left is a glue bottle . 2nd image left will be deleted. it just didnt erase well. first image right is an ink pad.
2nd image is some markers
Now I bet you're excited to see the final scrapbook page and the card itself . the rest will have to be a suprise . till then Goodnite

Scrapbook page teaser #2

this is the interior of the gatefold card.  the  statement in the card says "All this rain ACHOO ! makes me sneeze". she has her cute little umbrella to cover her head . so adorable . there are clouds, raindrops (lots of raindrops). now the background I wanted to be
illustrations of paper crafters tools. only I didnt find what I had in mind to make my own DP
next best solution: next post

Scrapbook Page

I know you're thinking "so what ?" and that would be a very good question.  First, I rarely make em, 2nd this took all effin day and its still not finished. 3rd when i finish its gonna be over the top .
here's a little teaser
The focal image is this here gate fold card. again you're thinking "no big deal". wrong its interactive . meaning that you can open the gate fold card even thru the scrapbook page plastic
protector . so when you see it and want to see into it , you can . just open the doors.
Now this is not the actual card itself , but a
smashing job of a mockup . I built this beauty myself. no instructions, no video,  Couldn't very well put the card in the scrapbook as its for my
husband , next post for more details

Sunday, May 19, 2013

CDAC PC 2nd card

and the 2nd one for today. SB, BTP, CLD.
dry embossed with SB swiss dot. I guess this is as CAS as I get

More Images for the CDAC PC

here we have the pot o gold only Penny pirate is guarding it . Penny Pirate SSD. Background is NOT PP. its actually a pic of real Spanish Dabloons. I was making a card for my DH. it had some castle in Ireland on the front  and some corny line about coin of the realm then and coin of the realm now which is plastic. I had
several different gift cards tucked inside. anyway thats the story of the background paper.Then we have some SB dies oval and lacy oval. BTP for the rainbow, sentiment is computer generated and original. gold grosgrain ribbon is BB Crafts

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

CDAC PC image 4

 Now these I made for  the CDAC progressive challenge. its still going on . didnt miss the deadline here

2 of 3 posts for today

this is just a random card i completed yesterday. love the purple and ivory, with just a pop of teal. almost forgot the sponging SU something Orchid.

1 of 3 cards

dont know if you would call it bonus Tuesday. But here they are .i think i'll post one @ a time. each deserves its own spotlight. <3
This card probably is the pinkest, frilliest card i ever made . it has mulberry paper, lace, ribbon, flowers, butterflies , bling and of course unstoppable mom from kenny k . i had in mind to enter it in several challenges but i missed the deadlines. oops . oh well . there's always the next challenge

Monday, May 13, 2013

Challenge Winner Me

I didnt have any entrants so i get to keep the prizes I bought . woo hoo . the new xyron will come in handy for those flourishes as they are a bugger to adhere . Maybe next time I'll get to give away something else . the xyron is mine .

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Reverse Mothers Day Challege

This is a sticky, skip on down to see my recent post 

I think we'll do a reverse mothers day card . meaning moms make cards for their kid(s) showing something  specific that makes their kid so special . no generic stuff , no paragraphs, something specific between parent and child . something like "i love listening to you snore , it means everything is all right in the world "or even a past event . i can give you one my mom might make me " it was so wonderful when you got that job, you couldn't even sit down to drive . that was one of my best memories for you. Thank you for letting me be there  ".

Don't forget Mothers Day , if you cant spend it with your mom because she is gone , Spend with a very special lady to you . Be sure and send some love to heaven to Mom on her special Day in your heart  or if you need to express  it as something tangible , just do it . My Moms still here but I just lost my Grammy in October so I'll be sending her  my love .

I think I'll have my fellow PBUers' help me decide .It will start Friday May 3rd and close on May 11th in time to give to your kids on Mothers Day
The requirements :
                    1) become a blog follower, if you aren't already
                 2) leave me a comment on what you think about this challenge
                   3) of course no back-linking only submit something new
                     4)provide a link back to my blog so that your followers can play too 
                 5)for every 50 peple who join, I will add a  goodie bag in addition to the Xyron
                 6) I will provide pics of the goodies as soon as I bag them up 

Good luck and I look forward to seeing your  creativity in all its Glory


Thursday, May 09, 2013

here is my most recent easel card . its obviously a birthday card and appropriate for all
here it is closed
And here it is open
Isnt that a cool cupcake? Its got tons of sprinkles

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Wow my 100th post on my blog

I think I should have some type of challenge or contest and give away a prize in honor  of that particular milestone  . im thinking a 5 in xyron  might be a good prize someone might want . I'll have to decide how one of y'all will win it . exact deets  shortly

Test Run for BIIIIG easel card

Oh Wow, you cant even see the staples . this was a test run for an easel card submission. I cut a 12x6  of red CS from stash . folded it in half,
then folded one of the sides in half again . the quarter  piece was where i placed the adhesive. I
grabbed some die cuts; butterflies and flourishes both from CLD. i STAPLED
the centers of the butterflies so i could raise their wings . it was a spur of the moment thing to staple them. It actually worked out better than I thought. As for the flourishes I tried to staple them so you couldnt see the staples , like at the leaves. however there were not many places where i could hide the staples and still reach with the stapler. definitely thinking about an industrial stapler
so i can staple further from the edges. the bottom part says Thinking of you which is one of the first stamps I ever bought. To raise it up to where it would keep the easel standing I used SU's
fancy label punch. there are 2 stacks of 3white labels. the labels touch in the middle. then just for an additional pop of color  I added green vellum over the top of the greeting . all done
I think I can probably enter this in several challenges. I'll have to look them up first