Saturday, May 11, 2013

Reverse Mothers Day Challege

This is a sticky, skip on down to see my recent post 

I think we'll do a reverse mothers day card . meaning moms make cards for their kid(s) showing something  specific that makes their kid so special . no generic stuff , no paragraphs, something specific between parent and child . something like "i love listening to you snore , it means everything is all right in the world "or even a past event . i can give you one my mom might make me " it was so wonderful when you got that job, you couldn't even sit down to drive . that was one of my best memories for you. Thank you for letting me be there  ".

Don't forget Mothers Day , if you cant spend it with your mom because she is gone , Spend with a very special lady to you . Be sure and send some love to heaven to Mom on her special Day in your heart  or if you need to express  it as something tangible , just do it . My Moms still here but I just lost my Grammy in October so I'll be sending her  my love .

I think I'll have my fellow PBUers' help me decide .It will start Friday May 3rd and close on May 11th in time to give to your kids on Mothers Day
The requirements :
                    1) become a blog follower, if you aren't already
                 2) leave me a comment on what you think about this challenge
                   3) of course no back-linking only submit something new
                     4)provide a link back to my blog so that your followers can play too 
                 5)for every 50 peple who join, I will add a  goodie bag in addition to the Xyron
                 6) I will provide pics of the goodies as soon as I bag them up 

Good luck and I look forward to seeing your  creativity in all its Glory



  1. Cool challenge! I can't wait to see what people create. Great idea Brandy!

  2. Sounds like a really fun challenge. Very different. I, too, will be watching to see what everyone does.

  3. Sounds good Brandy!! Great idea.

  4. Great challenge, Brandy. I'll play with this tomorrow and I'm here if you need me.. providing the rain will let me online LOL

  5. that would be great kel .thanks .


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