Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hodge Podge

I belong to a group of bloggers called Paper Bloggers Re-united. Some of us recently attended Scrapfest 2013 in Minneapolis, MN. We took a bunch of pics and I'll be posting them through out the next couple weeks or maybe longer .
Here we are on day 3 of our trip. left to right.  me, Brenda, Nancy, and Maggie.

We have had some interesting conversations on our little blog . One of them was about shoes. I had mentioned how boots go with anything including shorts. Today presented a situation to be so attired . I was wearing shorts and the closest shoes where my ostrich boots. I originally thought I might have carried out the trash but that couldnt have been the case as its Sunday. Trash doesnt run on Sundays. Must have been when honey drove me to get coffee @ the local QT.
Definitely not my best pic ever. Embarassed? never


  1. Hey it was great meeting you too Brandy. I loved hanging out with your girls.

    The boots don't look so bad. We see a lot of that down here in H Town actually. Boots, especially Cowboy books, here are just a way of life and do go with anything any time of the year.

  2. Brandy, This pic made my day!!! I love that you are never embarrassed!! Wish I could be that way a little bit!!! Loved my time in MN with you gals. Best time!! I look forward to more in-person visits!!

  3. Boots and shorts are a regional think, I think. Some people won't ever get it. LOL Glad you enjoyed your trip. ~Creative/ Country Blessings! ~Kel


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