Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Time for a new post

Yes, beloved readers it has been a while .
I have something new for my blog and its metal die cut butterflies, not the actual dies which are metal but the die cuts themselves. I used pop cans, dies and my trusty big kick. **one side note the rainbow butterfly is from a packet of paper from Target in the kids section. it even says remade for kids LOL

Only the 2nd card is complete. The others are works in progress


  1. Oh, those are beautiful. What kind of cans did you use? (Brand?) Is the rainbow one made from aluminum can also?

  2. Great to see you posting! You are brave and successful in die cutting these butterflies out of pop cans. I had seen this done before, but too chicken to try it! Great just job!

  3. SO glad to have you posting and chatting with us on the thread!! These butterflies are wonderful! Once again....glad you're back posting and chatting. I truly missed you!!

  4. Fun technique. I have never seen that before.

  5. What a unique idea! I love this. Happy to have you back, sweetie. Creative Blessings! Kel


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