Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Can tell I've been coloring lately ,huh ? you are exactly right . I have a treat for you today . A spin . Honey added 2 shelves so I can display my work .
At this rate I'll need more . This is good . for now


  1. It looks like you're getting a nice collection of copics! How nice that hubby put some shelves in for you too.what a sweetie!!

  2. My photo would look so similar today, copics everywhere!

  3. I like your shelves. I like it when my husband gets handy and builds or redoes things in my room. He would do more if I knew exactly what I wanted!

  4. What a sweet hubby you have, Brandy. Makes me wish I had wall space. Kelly #131

  5. Love the shelf. I like being able to see what you've been working on.
    April #106

  6. Nice work on your husband's part. Now you can sit back and admire your crafty work. I love to display my work around me. Makes me smile. Kim #52

  7. wow lots of lovely pens out on your desk there shows you have been very busy.
    I love that you now have somewhere to display your work
    Enjoy WOYWW and have a really great week
    Hugs Ria #85

  8. Your display shelves look great ... and just look at all those Copics! Happy Wednesday.
    Sue x (MiniOwner@65)

  9. You have a keeper there. Any honey with building experience is great!

  10. Aw now hat is a honey type of thing to do, and doesn't your work look great up there!

  11. Soooo jealous of your shelves!
    I just asked for... a 'corkboard', from a tile perhaps?......still waiting so, if you want, send your DH up here, I make good tea!!
    joking aside, that's a brilliant way to display your work.
    Bishopsmate #72


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